A Fool’s Journey: 1. The Magician

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a fool’s journey

Book 1: The Magician


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Benjamin Porter, a fifteen-year-old living in the suburbs of St. Louis, is fascinated by the spectacle of the Company, a motorcycle gang whose senior member lives across the street on his quiet cul-de-sac. In his freshman year, he’s given a chance opportunity to befriend one of their junior members, Craig Marse, and he rashly embraces the destructive, illegal, and dangerous lifestyle as Craig’s pupil. Ben quickly becomes enmeshed in the world of drugs and violence, deftly navigating the intrigues of this volatile subculture. As he builds his reputation, he embraces his notoriety—so much so that the true character of Benjamin Porter is at risk of being permanently altered. The Magician is the first of the 21-part series, and Ben’s first lesson is about the use—or misuse—of power.