A Fool’s Journey: vi. The Lovers

a fool’s journey

Book 6: The Lovers


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Benjamin Porter’s longest relationship to date is more about sex than love.


Can he find true love when all around him are relationships in various degrees of failing?


In The Lovers (Reversed) Ben embraces his sexuality with more confidence. With his girlfriend Tara, who pushes and guides him, Ben continues to explore the opportunities available to him in his cocaine and alcohol-fueled life during the 80’s. Ben’s desire to become the “Pope” in the trendy fashion and nightclub scene of St. Louis has been relatively successful, and he spends his mid-twenties on a widening path of hedonism. But even Tara eventually realizes the journey they’re on is doomed. If Benjamin the beloved doesn’t learn to be the lover then his path to enlightenment will be met with divergence and disappointment.