A Fool’s Journey: Series Overview

fraternity of fractures

a fool’s journey


A postmodern bildungsroman

in a 21-part series of novelettes 

design by Sarah Clayton

A Fool’s Journey is a 21-part series of novelettes inspired by the Major Arcana of the Tarot.


If you believe in fate, you might say Benjamin Porter, the protagonist in A Fool’s Journey, is destined to play the role of the Fool. But he’s no court jester. He is a soul untethered by conventional boundaries and relationships, his journey through life is illustrative in purpose and curious by nature. With a perceptive, inquisitive approach, A Fool’s Journey explores questions we all have through the eyes of a single, modern man. Connecting the ancient arts with the sensuality and violence of contemporary America, the story imagines a life well lived as a roadmap to a personal nirvana.


Beginning in his teenage years, when his primary concerns are immediate and physical, Ben stumbles his way through the friendships, relationships, and setbacks that dot life. Follow Benjamin Porter, from 15 to 28 (1975 to 1988), in the first seven novelettes—and the first part of the trilogy—where he begins his bildungsroman journey into life.


As an adult, he seeks influences that expand his knowledge and challenge the assumptions of his youth.


As he reaches maturity, he seeks to understand the more significant meaning of existence. Is it spiritual or scientific in nature, or are we merely cogs in the spread of a deck of cards in a game of chance, entertaining beings in a world we influence but can never reach?